All members of SEALL are fully aware that strong library associations are a key component in the development and improvement of library services in each country, as well as the development of excellent library professionals. Membership in the Association shall be open to all libraries at Law Schools as well as other libraries specialized in the field of Law.


1.    Faculty of Law Mostar
2.    Faculty of Law Split
3.    Faculty of Law Zagreb
4.    Faculty of Law Osijek
5.    Faculty of Law Rijeka
6.    Faculty of Law Belgrade
7.    Faculty of Law Kragujevac
8.    Faculty of Law Novi sad
9.    Faculty of Law Niš
10.    Faculty of Law Banja Luka
11.    Faculty of Law Maribor
12.    Faculty of Law Skopje
13.    National and University Library of Croatia
14.    National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Association is organized through the following bodies:
•    Council composed of representatives for each Association member
•    Executive Board elected for a period of 2 years and composed of Chairman and Vice Chairman and 3 memebers)
•    Secretary and Treasurer